John St. in Old Westmount, Kitchener, ON

Click here for more Westmount photos.

Wow! I forgot how great it feels to have your work published. One of my photographs (above) appears in the latest edition of Grand magazine , a lifestyle magazine covering Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada — my first good reason for feeling “grand”.

Before I get too far along, I need to fully disclose my relationship with the editor, Kathy Storring — she is my spouse. I did  this shoot pro bono to help her out with a tight deadline situation.

The second reason I’m flushed with excitement is that the photo was used as the opening spread for an article on the Westmount section of the twin cities of Kitchener-Waterloo called “Garden Suburb Indeed”. While this is no real  surprise because the intended use was part of the editor’s instructions, seeing it right there on page 28 and 29 really got me stoked. It was almost as exciting as the first time I was published.

The third reason is the plain thrill of having my work appear alongside that of some of the region’s best writers and photographers:

  • The excellent fashion photos of Alisha Townsend on page 86
  • Another incomparable portrait by Matthew McCarthy on page 94 and 95 – this time of Greg Hayton CEO of Cambridge Libraries and Galleries. Mr Hayton recently received the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada award of excellence for his contribution to an architectural renaissance in Cambridge.
  • And a touching personal essay by Barbara Aggerholm about her late mother’s practice of collecting of beach stones

These are only a few of the gems to be found in this issue. Sorry to gush, but I think this issue is well worth the praise.

Grand is available on newsstands in the region; you can visit the website to find a list of locations.


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