Dwight Storring

Dwight Storring discovered how images can move people when he was 12-years-old.

During the screening of the latest 8 mm family film reel on a Sunday afternoon in autumn his mother banned him from using the family movie camera. She was moved to action by the more than half reel of close-ups of flowers, low angle shots of the gravel driveway at different times of day and excruciating minutes of blurred Ontario landscape sailing past the window of the family sedan – the main record of the family’s summer.

He didn’t get his hands on a serious camera until he went to college 6 years later.

Since those early days he has read the world through images. He spent over 15 years as a photojournalist and photo-editor at The Record, a daily newspaper in Waterloo Region, Ontario, Canada before moving on to the web. In the early days he wore all the hats that fit: information architect , designer, developer, website editor and creative director.

He was Internet Operations Manager for CityMedia Group a division of Torstar Corp when he left his newspaper career in December 2006. He moved to the Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI) where he was director of special projects supporting CIGI’s research and programs through the use of online technology.

In 2010 returned to his roots of documenting Waterloo Region and now nurtures a digital media practice. His work centres around creating, developing, documenting and presenting personal narratives as a window on the life of community. He works in a documentary style using video, still images and audio. He also facilitates digital storytelling events and workshops to gather personal stories and encourage their telling. See the Latitudes and Longitudes Digital Storytelling Project.

He was Kitchener’s Artist in Residence in 2014 where he created Neighbourhood Voices a series of documentary shorts about the lives of ordinary people in the city. Also he was Resident Artist, Playwright at Theatre and Company during the 2005-06 season.

For details follow this link to his CV.