A few years ago my wife and I had what some would call a lapse of judgement. Although we are generally considered by friends and acquaintances to be measured in our decision making, on a warm Sunday in June the measures of our lives turned out to be malleable.

It was on one of those Sundays when we first visited our current home – a realtor’s open house. We took the 20-minute tour. Not so bad you say? Well, by Tuesday morning we owned the place. I will save you the sordid details, but let’s say it was a whirlwind affair and one neither of us regret.Rippled GlassBevelled GlassGlass Door Knob

We were seduced by the light in the house – the way it welcomed you, reflected off the rippled window glass, passed through the bevelled panes in the doors … highlighted the glass doorknobs that have served so many hands. I took these photos on a sunny morning recently and they reminded me that it was not just simple infatuation that brought us to this house, but a heartfelt choice that rewards us every day.

We are now ensconced in this 100-year-old house in the Victoria Park heritage district of Kitchener. We lived in our previous home for 25 years, but the sense of ownership has never been so acute. For example, during a recent civic discussion about the future health of the lake in the park, I started a fan page on Facebook to heighten awareness of the issues – “If You Love Victoria Park”.

We’re now students of the Berlin Vernacular style of architecture. We read the neighbourhood association newsletter. We stroll the neighbourhood like founders – particularly on warm Sundays in June.


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