Can you help me find this house?

Mystery House - Personal_72-8905_001

I found this photograph while researching my current film project – “Finding John Lingwood” – at the University of Waterloo Library Special Collections and Archives.

It’s actually a black and white copy of the a colour photography Personal Studios’ Bob Nicol made for John Lingwood, a modernist architect who practised in Kitchener 1955 – 1996.

The photo has been taped down to table top and we can see a bit of the photographer’s shoe in the upper lefthand corner of the frame.

I’ve been researching and filming for the past year to piece together a story about one of the Regions leading mid-century architects. Lingwood, along with six other firms, created the rich stock of modernist buildings that give Waterloo Region its distinct built environment.

I believe this house, that makes good use of John’s favour materials – stone and wood – is among his works and still stands somewhere in the Region.

I’d love to hear from its owner or someone who knows its owner or location. I’m sure there is someone out there who recognizes this place.

You can contact me here (see upper right) or on the Facebook page for the film “Finding John Lingwood.”

Please feel free to post this to your networks or pass the link on by email.

All comments, suggestions and clues are welcome.

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12 thoughts on “Mystery House

  1. This looks like a residence on Westmount Road in Waterloo across from Renison College at the University of Waterloo. More or less at Old Post Road. It was set back from the road on the west side. Some townhouses went up in front of it in the late 70s or early 80s, obscuring the street view of the place. My recollection is that it was a retirement residence for clergy. It may or may not still be there. Or … maybe I’m wrong, haha!

  2. Yep Ottawa and Trussler. I remember catching a glimpse of this house many many years ago and being in awe. It’s been a while since I’ve been to that intersection – hopefully it is still there.

    1. I might be wrong, but I think the ownder might have just knocked it down. Either that or they ripped down something else on that corner.

  3. I only noticed this house at Ottawa and Trussler in the last 6 months. I find it very interesting and would love to know more about it

  4. I’m so interested in this house. The complete mystery of it. I drive by it almost daily and am always in Awe. I see cars there once in a while, but have never seen lights on or even life to it in the night time. Makes me wonder if theres a story behind it and what the story is? Is it haunted or just sitting there?

    1. Hi Rita, thank for commenting on this post. I am not sure about the further of this his house. You might have missed my follow up on this post “Mystery House Found” which you can read here:
      I managed to gather a little background on the site.
      Also, you might be interested to know that I have just finished producing a film about the architect who designed this house – John Lingwood. It will be screening at the Princess Twin in Waterloo on January 17. Tickets are available to order online on the homepage of
      Maybe I’ll see you there.

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