Finding John Lingwood Poster- Landscape - Selections

May 31 to June 2, 2019, Princess Twin Cinema, Waterloo Ontario, Canada


May 1-5, Winnipeg Manitoba, Canada


Exciting news, recently “Finding John Lingwood” has been selected for screening at two film festivals: the Kitchener-Waterloo Film Festival and the Architecture + Design Film Festival Winnipeg.

If you went to school, attended worship, entered a civic building or read the local newspaper, 1955-1996 chances are you were touched by John Lingwood’s work.

In 1955 when he uprooted his young family in Detroit to move into his mother in-law’s two bedroom apartment in Kitchener, few would have guessed John Lingwood would emerge as one of Waterloo Region’s most influential architects.

Finding John Lingwood takes you on a journey to discover the man behind the buildings.

Finding John Lingwood – 2018. Runtime 55 min. Director, Dwight Storring

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