Trains, planes and toilets


On a recent trip to New York City I flew from Toronto Island Airport to Newark New Jersey and caught the train to Manhattan.
The Newark Airport and it’s companion train station were exactly as I expected — the set of a near future scifi movie thriller. Something akin to scenes from Dave Mitchell’s Cloud Atlas.
Even the toilets had a surreal quality to them. Stainless steel over porcelain, who would make that choice?


Wooden Water Tower

My first visit to the Big Apple and this is the view from the window of my hotel room on 57th Street. Way more interesting than I expected. It’s like finding a hidden city underneath the glass towers, honking horns and crowds.
I glimpsed someone across the way cleaning up their dinner dishes one evening, then I knew I might never know New York.


Canada Day Rituals

Canada Day Garden Tour, that’s what we’ve been doing for 10 years now. My spouse and I have being getting together with two couples — long-time friends — on a self congratulatory tour of our horticultural exploits.

Oh Canada
Purple climatis

It has also turned into a movable feast starting with breakfast mid-morning and ending with a dessert course in late afternoon.
This year was a subdued affair at least in my eyes – in previous years I’m sure I remember wine being a part of lunch … Times are changing.
I’ve added some photos highlights of the tour. Your can click on any of the photos here to view the Flickr set and other photos.
You might find this a little tame for your taste, so I’m going to refer you to a photo blog being run by two friends, photojournalists Matthew McCarthy and David Bebee called A Year on the Grand. These talented guys are documenting life along Grand River in 2009. Believe me, you will be amazed by their work and the richness of life on this heritage river. Be sure to visit and post a comment.