History Repeats Itself

https://youtu.be/-ovOKH0TN9Q Friday, March 11, 2022 – I sit in my cozy, safe attic office looking out over a hushed Canadian neighbourhood. Snow falls, coating trees, sidewalks and cars with a pristine, late-winter mantle of white. Half a world away, millions of Ukrainians flee their own country while Russia’s military bombs civilian targets including residential blocks … Continue reading History Repeats Itself


Watch “Road Hockey Stories: Episode 3 – Birthday Game”

https://youtu.be/QoGnmqZb0n0 I grew up in rural Ontario, so most of my road hockey was played on a snow-packed driveways after supper, in the dead of winter. The nearest ice rink was about a kilometre away at the public school, but there were know lights and no warm place to put on your skates. In the driveway … Continue reading Watch “Road Hockey Stories: Episode 3 – Birthday Game”

Stop 4 – Made in Kitchener Walking Tour

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago 1000s of people lined King Street, from Waterloo to Kitchener to watch the Labour Day parade. This video from the Made in Kitchener Project tells the story of The Clown, The Horse and The Labour Day Parade. Take a look.

Made In Kitchener

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