New Doc Explores “Dog’s Best Friend”

Cindy, Brilliant Border Collie

Cindy, a brilliant border collie, came to us from my wife’s family farm.

Displaced by changing circumstance, her herding instincts, drive to please, boundless energy and loving personality made her a perfect companion. 

But of course the day arrived much too soon when she had to leave us. Her passing opened a hole in my heart that has never been filled. A hole so wide and deep that I’m afraid to try filling with another dog for fear of having it open even wider.

My most recent documentary film project “Dog’s Best Friend” is an unabashed attempt to live vicariously through others who have given their hearts to a dog. Those who welcome the responsibility of caring for the animal companion whose life has been intertwined with ours for millennia. 

Feeding, grooming, walking, training, snuggling and yes, picking up pooh all exchanged for pure fun, unconditional love, conversation, inspiration and a warm body to hold,.

If you’ve ever loved a dog, you’ll love “Dog’s Best Friend”

New documentary series from Dwight Storring

In this 5-part series viewers explore life-changing stories of five families through the eyes of their dogs. They meet an aging Great Dane, an athletic German Shorthaired Pointer, a wire-haired rescue dog, two French Bulldogs and a Bullmastiff as they navigate their changing family lives. These dogs have formed extraordinary bonds with their human companions. 

The series produced for Bell Media, launched on its Fibe TV1 community channel for Bell  subscribers in November 2020. 

A public premiere is scheduled for January 2021 – details to come. In the meantime, checkout these episode summaries.

The series was made with the generous support of Rode Microphones.

If you’ve ever loved a dog you will love “Dog’s Best Friend”:

Episode 1 – Teagan

Great Dane Teagan comforted her family, Carolyn and Kevin, as they struggled to start a family. After 6 years with no success, a newborn suddenly arrives in their lives and changes everything. Watch as Hunter becomes the centre of family life, and Teagan enters her senior years.

Episode 2 – Ramsey

Ramsey, an athletic 3-year-old German Shorthaired Pointer, likes nothing better than diving, swimming, pulling or agility training. Fortunately his humans, Lindsy and Michael, are happy to run, swim and train right along side him. Ramsey fulfils Lindsy’s childhood dream of becoming an animal trainer, while offering Michael unquestioning companionship.

Episode 3 – Weechee

Weechee, a wiry-haired rescue dog, works alongside Josh in his psychotherapy practice, but Weechee’s most important work is at home where he’s best friend to Josh Jr. and Mike – adopted sons of Josh and husband Nick. Both boys are on the autism spectrum. Weechee supports them as they establish a new life. 

Episode 4 – Roxy (and Maple)

Just a few weeks after French Bulldog Roxy arrived in her new home, 11-year-old Abby was diagnosed with a life-threatening form of leukaemia. Through months of treatment and recovery, Roxy shares her love and companionship with the whole family. With Abby in a promising remission, Roxy is joined by another Frenchie, Maple. Together, they bring new hope and joy. 

Episode 5 – Buttercup

Bullmastiff Buttercup first arrived at Country Meadows at 8-weeks-old in the arms of retirement home manager Sal. Since then she has bonded with residents, bringing a sense of home and spreading her doggie joy as she makes her rounds of residents’ rooms and common areas. 

Thank you to
Rode Microphones for supporting this project.

Watch “Road Hockey Stories: Episode 3 – Birthday Game”

I grew up in rural Ontario, so most of my road hockey was played on a snow-packed driveways after supper, in the dead of winter. The nearest ice rink was about a kilometre away at the public school, but there were know lights and no warm place to put on your skates. In the driveway we at least had the benefit of the 100 watt bulb over the backdoor and we could nip inside to warm up or mend a battle wound.

We often played with a crushed tin can rather than a ball or puck. The tin can at least glinted in the dark and didn’t travel far when it strayed out of bounds. A common refrain  echoed in the winter night, “NO RAISING!”. Alas, the rule was often broken in the heat of the game, leading to cursing, cuts and at worst, fistfights. All things heals by the next goal or big save.

I’m looking forward to Lost & Found Theatre‘s premiere of a Lea Daniel and Gary Kirkham’s “Pocket Rocket” a play three periods that looks at how our childhood experiences, such as road hockey, shapes our live over time. It opens on April 20 and runs till April 30. You can order your tickets online.

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Stop 4 – Made in Kitchener Walking Tour

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago 1000s of people lined King Street, from Waterloo to Kitchener to watch the Labour Day parade. This video from the Made in Kitchener Project tells the story of The Clown, The Horse and The Labour Day Parade. Take a look.

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