How to choose a carpet … Lingwood style

Anyone who – in their adolescent years – wanted to paint their bedroom walls black knows that putting your mark on a space makes it your own. 

Former president of the Kitchener-Waterloo Record, Paul Motz, had much more to play with when in 1970 his father assigned him to managing the interior details of the new Record building at 225 Fairway Road South.

One of his jobs was selecting the carpet for the space – not measured square yards, but measured in acres.

Although this clip didn’t make it into “Finding John Lingwood”, Paul’s detailed account of the process always fascinates me. Watch it below.

Meanwhile, in Waterloo Region lives are changed

As the world continues to swirl about us – political maneuvering, terrorist attacks, climate change – the quiet life in Waterloo Region carries on.  Ignoring the world is not the answer, but it is equally important that we hear and share the stories of how everyday people enrich the life we share here.

I finished producing this short video for House of Friendship last week. It documents the renovation of the agency’s Emergency Food Hamper Program building at 807 Guelph St. I started way back in August 2016, capturing daily time lapse sequences and live video. The real story didn’t emerge until the finally weeks, when we discovered that early in her career, Teresa O’Reilly a project manager for the job, depended on the program to help her make ends meet.

Watch as Teresa tells her story about how the Emergency Food Hamper Program changed her life.


Stop 4 – Made in Kitchener Walking Tour

It’s hard to believe that not too long ago 1000s of people lined King Street, from Waterloo to Kitchener to watch the Labour Day parade. This video from the Made in Kitchener Project tells the story of The Clown, The Horse and The Labour Day Parade. Take a look.

Made In Kitchener

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Digital storytelling taking root in the community

Back in June 2010 I planted some seeds at the Building Community Narratives Through Multimedia Storytelling one-day digital storytelling workshop I facilitated during the Community Arts Ontario Conference in Kitchener, Ontario.

Five first-time digital storytellers joined me that day to do a storywalk from Victoria to Cedar Street in downtown Kitchener. I’ve put together some of these stories in this short video:

These seeds of a community-based digital storytelling initiative have taken root and are beginning to blossom.

I recently completed a digital storytelling project with House of Friendship (@HOFKW) where four women who found help through the agency’s addictions services told their personal stories about recovery.

The agency’s executive director, John Neufeld (@JohnNeufeld98) is meeting with groups around Waterloo Region to show these stories – Voices from House of Friendship – and raise awareness of House of Friendship’s work

House of Friendship, at least for me, has been a benchmark social service organization in the community. It has great strength in recognizing needs and finding innovative ways to address those needs. Highlighting of these women’s personal, digital stories as part of the agency’s story is just one example.

It was truly a transformational experience to work with these women to find their inner storyteller and help them bring their deeply personal experiences to an audience of engaged listeners.

If you are a member of a group interested in finding out more about House of Friendship’s work in addictions services you can contact them to arrange an information session and a screening of the personal stories of four remarkable and courageous women.